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Delinte Tires – Discount Tires

Delinte tires manufactured by Sentury Tire are created for lower profile applications. No matter if it is for 16” diameter wheels or super-sized 28” diameter wheels, Delinte makes its focus exceeding the strength and flexibility requirements of larger, low-sidewall tires. This feat is accomplished with technological advances in tire construction that allow stiff rubber compounds to provide a smooth ride.

Sentury Tire Co. Ltd. produces two consumer tire brands, one of which is Delinte. The company was founded as a subsidiary of Sentaida Group Co. Ltd., in Qingdao, Shandong, China in 2008. They began mass production of passenger, sport utility vehicle, crossover and commercial van tires in 2009.

The short sidewall and wider tread of a Delinte low profile tire makes it great for handling and performance. A shorter sidewall also allows you to install a longer rim which allows for bigger brakes. If you are interested in looks more than handling, the sleek look of low profile tires will satisfy you!

It does not matter what kind of vehicle you drive, tire selection is an important decision for any vehicle owner. Personal safety as well as performance will be affected by your purchasing choice. Price should never be the immediate concern; at least, that is the opinion of the tire professionals from RNR. Grip, ride quality, and safety should all appear before tire price on any top-reasons-to-buy list for any type of tires.

The bottom line is: If you are searching for ultra-high performance with all kinds of comfort for your sport sedan or versatility over rough roads for your custom Impala, Delinte tires are what you want!

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